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‘It was only when faced with death that I realized how badly I wanted to live’

I have a story to tell.

Its about a yellow bicycle.

But first let me introduce myself.

My name is Stephanie.

I am 58 years of age in my first life and 6 years old in my second life.

In April 2008 I was diagnosed with a metastatic melanoma and when I first heard my diagnosis (what the hell was that lump in my groin) I presumed I was going to die.

Those dark days waiting for PET scan results, to see where else it had spread to, were the worst in my life and during them I learnt my first lesson. It was only when faced with death, I realized how badly I wanted to live.

I grieved for the life I had taken so much for granted and the plans I had made for my life ahead.

I saw the long summer evenings cycling to the beach to meet up with my daughters and grandchildren for a swim disappearing into the heavens.

Those days sitting with friends drinking wine and saving the world would be no longer.

The Muddled Hen (a book of short stories and poems)I had planned to write was pffffffff all gone in a single day.

But the yellow bicycle had other idea’s.

‘Enough of this drama’ She exclaimed impatiently.

‘You are not dead yet’ She scolded.

She was right.

Instead, after surgery (Goodbye precious lymph nodes. Hello funny leg), and a years gruelling treatment (Goodbye wine and coffee and fun. Hello needles and ‘bed’ days),

I began my second life.

I celebrated its birth with a cycle across france. The yellow bicycle and I, one of us rusty! the other with a banjaxed leg. Feasting on grapes and wine and goats cheese and honey we trundled along.

I am now six years old and like a six year old full of wonder and delight in EVERYTHING.

MY BLOG:  is my story of my new life with the yellow bicycle and the lessons I continue to learn from her saddle.

The photos we take, the paintings we paint, the theories and philosophies and thoughts we have about life. The snippets and stories we love to tell.

MY GOAL: There is none. We have no plans for the future in my story as I now know, no one has a future, we only have the present moment and we will live each moment, the yellow bicycle and I, as best we can.