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As I go around banging a loaf of bread against the walls of my home on new years eve(an Irish tradition said to drive out bad luck and encourage prosperity) I hold true to my belief that every moment of every year, day, hour, minute and second is worthy of celebration, but that the ending of the dark days of winter and the feeling of the approach of spring deserves special attention.

And as I beat the poor loaf to an inch of its life, I consciously drive out the things about myself and my life that I need to let go of (Hopefully the bread will work in a way that meditation failed to do).

And I make a promise to be gentle with myself this year.

So here is my gentling list:

G: Gardening and growing and gratitude diarying.

E: Enabling my creative side to emerge more, allotting time in my life for this.

N: nutritionally taking care of my body and spirit, meditating and yoga-ing.

T: taking time to watch the tree’s grow, the tides flow, the mountains being mountains.

L: Laughing a lot, Learning when to hold my council and when to speak out.

I: Interesting my self in new philosophies, writings and people.

N: Not berating myself for making mistakes.

G: Giving myself permission to be who I am.


M: Maybe yes! maybe no! (seeing occurrences in life with this philosophy)

Y : Ycling my yellow bicycle (with a capital ‘C’)

S: Seeing with eyes wide open

E: Enveloping life enthusiastically

L: Letting go things that are not significant to gratefulness and therefore to happiness

F: last but not least, spending time with my family and making more time to see my friends……..


Allotting time to be more creative: