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Can you call me back, I’m busy trying to choose a name here.

What’s in a name?

Once we did a house swop with a family in Holland.

They looked after our Melange (a horse, two ponies and a dog).

We looked after theirs (a horse, a cat and six polish bantam hens)

Their cat was called Matilda. The horse was called Cillian.

And the six polish bantams, who looked extremely alike, were called Maria, Maria, Maria Maria, Maria and Maria

When we went to the chicken run in the morning and called ‘Maria’, they all came running.

Except for one, who was probably the real Maria. She hid under the hen house.

The other five, whose main interest appeared to be food , brought shame to the name Maria.

Which brings me to the question, why a name?

Would not a whistle do? or a yodel or a woohoo

Or a click(I’m thinking here of the new way to call your dog to attention)


Do we choose a name because it  sounds nice?

Or has a special meaning?

Or is passed from generation to generation?

Do we grow into our names or do they form us?

Do we choose a name because it associates us with someone nice?

My name for example is Stephanie

I hope people like me.

I hope when someone is choosing a name the conversation will go like this:

‘How about Stephanie?’

‘Yes I like that name. It rolls nicely off the tongue. Ste fen ie’ 

‘And I once knew a girl by that name’ They would continue enthusiastically. ‘She was lovely! cheerful and kind! and pretty ! Oh and clever too, a writer and artist if I remember rightly. Yes! lets call her Stephanie’.

and not

‘Oh I love the name Stephanie! but no! it reminds me of that woman you know the one with the yellow bike……….’


Do we grow into our names or do they grow into us?

‘She looks like a Stephanie’

Then there is the debate about going to all that bother of choosing a lovely sounding names and then shortening them.

STEPHANIE with it’s flowing musical sound gets shortened to something that sounds like a thing you stand on,


But back to my assignment; Say your name!


Chosen in a panic a year ago when starting my blog and afraid that, like other things in life, the page was going to disappear before my eyes before I had completed the wordpress form.

I can’t say I am a hundred percent happy with it but then I think it is what it says, though I could ad a ‘MY’

But that is what this assignment is about is it not? looking at the name we chose and thinking why.

Here would be my other options:





Should I change it or grow into it? Is it too long or not long enough!

Should it be in irish; An Rothar Bui,

Or French: Le Velo Jaune,

When my eldest grandson was three he looked at me and asked;

‘But what is your REAL name Grannywiththegreencamperandtheyellowbike’?

Maybe he has hit the nail on the head!

The End.