Instead of writing a new valentines blog post, I think every year I will add some new thoughts to the original one and see where those memories wander to.

The woman on the Yellow Bicycle

summer 2013 212

I sent a letter to my love.

I am in love with a piece of metal!

Blindly so,

I use the word ‘blindly’ because, being obsessed by this love, I cannot see that the yellow bicycle is just, well….A piece of metal, (with some leather and rubber and to two wheels).

How (without it being a fetish) can a human love an innate object so passionately?

After all It has no heart, no soul, no ability to love me back.

I sip my coffee this Valentines morn and ponder on this passion.

And then it hits me.

Of course I’m in not love with a bicycle!

I am in love with how the yellow bicycle makes me FEEL.

Yes, with the yellow bike.

Love is……


Whizzing down a hill in the spring sunshine with the wind in your hair and your feet bare and a bottle of wine in…

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