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Its OK to change your mind.

It is even healthy, now and again, to throw old notions to the wind.

Recently I have realised that a lot of my notions were due the ‘bin’.

Especially the preconceived ones which, other than ‘sitting right’ with me at the time, had no fact founded basis.

Things I was adamant about, I can now look at with a more levelled eye.

Things that I thought were the be all and end all, are becoming less significant.

The dream I had of living in a small cottage in the west of Ireland I can admit to being just a dream and no longer holds the same importance as it did say ten years ago

And as I grow older different dreams take its place.

And changes are happening

I can’t even take credit for these changes.

They slip into my life as it twists and turns and settle mostly barely noticed.

until recently that is…

I always said I would never child mind my grandchildren full time.

Love them? of course and dearly.

Take them for treats? now and again.

Babysit them? at the drop of a hat

I had a good job, an easy lifestyle and plenty of time to see them but I cherished my own time for heading off with my bicycle, traipsing around the country.

I relished time spent alone. writing, drawing, painting.

Then one day a request, an opportunity, a decision and a commitment changed all that and I am now nanny for my youngest grandson, four days a week

I call him my ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’.

Unexpectedly and delightfully he has changed my view of life.

To be continued…..