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One day when exploring some rock pools in Connemara I came across a tiny jelly fish. Almost transparent but tinged with a deep blue, what caught my attention was it’s ‘sail’. Hoisted merrily this sail allowed the wind propel it across the pool. When I looked it up I saw it was a Velella velella. A tiny jellyfish that uses the wind to transport it.

But it was its other name that made me fall in love with this tiny creature of the sea. By-the-wind-sailor. How apt that description but also how lovely the wording sings. So here is my poem called By-the-sea-walker.

Today I left my bicycle at home

and went ‘by the sea walking’

today I went slower

by    the    sea


Today I met the bird watch warden

while by the sea walking

It turns out he knows my brother

(the world is a small place

when you go by the sea walking)

today I saw a yellow horned poppy

and a common blue butterfly

and a stone that looked like a terns egg

but was really

just a stone.

and a stone in the shape of a heart

with a chip and a line through it

like a broken heart

I also passed two ladies

‘Ah sure listen to me now

we’ll soon be living in a traffic jam”

they said to each other

not if you go by the sea walking

I said to myself

The end