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My way of writing is to release a thought , go with the stream of conciousness and see where that thought brings me. I am always curious to see what the end will be, knowing that due to my quirky sense of humour the thought that starts out on a serious note may not remain so. I will also confess to losing control of my writing and letting it control me instead. I will add that though this is slightly/very tongue in cheek its also very true. I DO have a real worry stone, and I DO  believe worry stones can be of benefit to the chronic worrier and I also believe in soothing stones and meditation stones.


Some information about worry stones:

A worry stone should be smooth and round and be able to fit snugly in the palm of ones hand when the fist is closed.

It should be small enough so as not to weigh down one’s pocket but not so small that one cannot find it in an emergency.

A markation e.g a white line is acceptable but it is better if it is without as marks may distract one and one may forget ones worry.

How to find the perfect Stone for you:

Take your time finding your perfect worry stone. You may have to walk many beaches in search of it but while you are searching you will find yourself worrying less and less. For the search itself will be soothing for the soul. Worry stones may also be found in other places too , river beds for example or on mountain tops or in caves. They can sometimes be seen along road sides but it is not advisable to use these as they are traumatised by traffic and beyond help and you would only spend your days worrying about their mental state.

How to use a worry stone:

When you do find your perfect worry stone place it in your pocket. You can use it straight away as there is no waiting time nor does the worry stone ever go out of date.

It is advisable to practice holding it during small worries first.

The warming of the stone means it is working for warmth of a cold stone is a sign that it is absorbing the worry.

What to do if you lose your worry stone:  

Losing a worry stone is a common occurrence which usually takes place when changing clothing. Firstly do not worry. That thumping sound coming from your washing machine will alert you to the fact that you forgot to remove it from your pocket. Do not worry a good wash never hurt a worry stone (not sure about the washing machine though)

Other useful information:

You can take my thoughts on worry stones with a grain of salt.

Examples of some common worry stones: see picture below

stones 2014-09-21 008

I carry a stone in my pocket at all times.

It is my worry stone

I used to be good at worrying.

I used to spend a lot of time and energy at it.

Then I got sick and had something really big to worry about.

But instead of being happy now that I had a REAL worry to concentrate on, I was sad.


It was not one of the better sicknesses to get. In other word’s if you are going to get sick do not choose this one. It was one of the ones you could quite easily die from and if I died from it I would have nothing to worry about.

That is the thought that made me sad

and worried.

So I put my sickness worry into a stone and put the stone in my pocket and went out and bought a bicycle.

A yellow bicycle.

At first I worried about the amount of money I was spending on this bike but I gave that money worry to the stone in my pocket who dealt with it swiftly and I took my new yellow bicycle home.

And when we got home I told the yellow bicycle that If I got better we would go on a journey.

Not a worrisome journey (not, for example, a journey across the mountains of Afghanistan or the deserts of the sahara), but a gentle one and we would bring the worry stone with us so that in that way we would have a no worries to contend with and we would fill our days with soothing constant pedalling instead.

And hopefully we would learn many things about ourselves throughout our journey.

For to get a second chance at life is not something to be sniffed at.

And that is what we did

Finding that I now had no worries to worry about (Along with my stone I let my surgeon and oncologist do that for the year and three months I was under their care) I got better.

And we went on a gentle cycle across France.

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

Just Me, the yellow bicycle and the worry stone.

Oh we had many adventures along the way.

Some of which I have written about previously here and more of which I will write about in due course.

But for the moment my mind is dwelling on all things ‘stoney’.

Today is after all the twenty first of September, the day traditionally saved for bringing soothing stones and meditation stones inside for the winter.

In by gone days there was much celebrating as the stones were carefully brought inside.

Dances were performed with women stepping with intricate foot work around heaps of stones and men would compete against each other jumping a rope whilst balancing a stone on their heads.

Even children joined in as it was well known that licking a stone could stave of a hungry child till the pot of stew was ready.

Teething infants were given stones to bite their itchy gums upon.

And children spent many happy hours over the long winter darkness playing games such as ‘stoner’ (a game where you threw some small stones up in the air from cupped hands and turning your hands quickly over tried to catch them all in the V shaped by the backs of your rejoined hands, a bit like modern day ‘ jacks’ .

Unfortunately a lot of these traditions were lost in time.

It is also said that if it doesn’t rain on stone day we will have a gentle winter.DSCF5738

P.s I forgot to mention….

My recent check up tests were once again clear.

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