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gardening in kilquaide 112

Leaning against an apple tree

the yellow bicycle

Spade, hoe and rake anxiously awaiting.

Oh Haiku! Its definition as difficult as its form…

Haiku (according to Wikipedia)is a very short form of Japanese poetry typically characterized by three qualities.

  • The essence of Haiku is ‘cutting’ (kiri) this is often represented by the juxtaposition of two images or idea’s  and a ‘cutting’ word between them, a kind of verbal punctuation mark which signals the moment of separation and colours the manner in which the juxtaposed elements are related.
  • Traditional haiku consist of 17 on (also known as morae) in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 on
  • a kigo (seasonal reference) is usually drawn from a saijiki (an extensive but defined list of word’s)

As you can see, my attempt is far from perfect, in fact it doesn’t even come any where near the beautiful allusionally evocative nature associated traditional Haiku’s.

BUT Like any stubborn individual I will persevere.

mass paths 028

Down the ancient mass path

through briar and rough grass,

but oh how warm the sun is on my back.

mass paths 023

spring sun lights on worn out paths

how pleasant on far off days

to take this way to mass.

mass paths 014

A door to nowhere 

How bizarre that seems

And high over head a hawk watches.

mass paths 025

How kind to cut and lay this path

look how my feet stay dry

nearby a bee alights.

mass paths 045

Further now we lose our way

but who can tell when one is lost

It is the journey not the destiny

That matters.

mass paths 048

Soft wonderful light,

and shade too

The tree’s are awaking.

mass paths 042

Oh yes ,It was here I fell

nothing broken

but my dignity and a patch of nettles.



mass paths 050

An old gate

a tired bicycle

we make our way home happily.

mass paths 013

blue and yellow flowers

A grassy bank

what else should one do but rest a while.

mass paths 057

Maple leaves unfurl

they know their beauty

and yet they are not vain

the yellow bicycle

though rough and ready

also knows her worth………..