(May there always be a bicycle in your life, no matter what the condition.If it has two wheels that go in the same direction then you are truly blessed)

Today I finished work early and cycled home in the wind and the rain.

As I turned the corner, a sudden gust almost upended me and the yellow bike.

I shook my fist at the sky uttering words of anger and airing my grievances against the god’s.

With that the heavens truly opened and the wind got so strong I had to get off and push my bike.

I thought (as I bowed my head to the elements) that it might be a good opportunity to compose a prayer instead.

Apologies if you were expecting decent rhyming couplets,

But with my hair plastered to my head and rivulets running down my neck this was my best shot.



May you never be without some sort of bike.

May it be endowed with the basics.

wheels, saddle, handle bars.

Pedals (two) and good brakes.

May your wheels always spin in the same direction.

May your tires never puncture.

May they stay the right pressure.

May you never meet trouble on a small boreen.

(herd’s of bullocks, flock’s of sheep).

May your uphills be scant and your downhills be steep.

May you not come a cropper and land in a heap,

If you do, May you not land on your head but your tail.

May your brakes never fail……..

May your handle bars always be at the right level.

May your saddle be soft and preferably leather.

May all your lights work without any fuss.

May your mudguards be straight and not hinder your spokes.

May your metal not rust……

May it only rain on the day you remember your coat.

But NOT if you’ve come out in a dress or a skirt.

May the breeze be at your back (for obvious reason’s).

May it snow only at night and in the right season.

may the winter be short and the spring be longer.

May the summer be filled with bicycle wonder,

such as picnics and swims and lane ways to cycle.

May all you good friends also own bicycles.

May you always carry a lock on your person.

For others may try and take your bike for no reason.

While you have to give chase……

(May you be able to run fast if this is the case)

May cities be pleasant with cycle paths in abundance.

May coffee shops on route emit wonderful aromas.

To encourage you to stop and rest for a while.

And when you do, may the Barista smile……..

May he love bicycles too and know all the sight’s.

(and before you know it you’ve a date for the night).

May He be tall dark and handsome or at least just your type.

A poet or guitarist, may he be romantic.

a writer, an Artist, but not an accountant.

May you eventually marry and have lots of kid’s who,

adore riding bicycles just like you do

And when you are old and grey and in need (they say) of a tricycle

Resist! refuse! Keep riding your bicycle…..

(This beautiful Oma fiets (granny bicycle)really caught my fancy in a bike shop in ‘De Haag’)


denhaagse bikes 010