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summer 2013 212

I sent a letter to myย love.

I am in love with a piece of metal!

Blindly so,

I use the word ‘blindly’ because, being obsessed by this love, I cannot see that the yellow bicycle is just, well….A piece of metal, (with some leather and rubber and to two wheels).

How (without it being a fetish) can a human love an innate object so passionately?

After all It has no heart, no soul, no ability to love me back.

I sip my coffee this Valentines morn and ponder on this passion.

And then it hits me.

Of course I’m in not love with a bicycle!

I am in love with how the yellow bicycle makes me FEEL.

Yes, with the yellow bike.

Love is……


Whizzing down a hill in the spring sunshine with the wind in your hair and your feet bare and a bottle of wine in your basket.

Love is….


going to the well for water.

Love is ….


getting lost in fields of gold.

Love is….


finding a deserted beach.

Love is..


going for a dip.

Love is……

summer 2013 209

Seeing potential beauty in long forgotten things

love is…..


Going fishing.

Love is……

summer 2013 205

going to sea.

Love is…..


not being afraid to head off the beaten track.

Love is…..

summer 2013 067

Going camping.

Love is……

summer 2013 236

Getting lost in the mountains on a sunny day.

Love is……

summer 2013 251

Finding your way home again.

Love is…..

summer 2013 021

Lying in the grass and looking up at the sky.

Love is……


letting go of your baggage.(your preconceived notions, your pain, your past issues)

Love is………


helping those who cannot help themselves.

Love is…..


chatting to other’s from different walks of life.

Love is……

summer 2013 001

Picking Blackberries.

Love is….


making new friends.

Love is…..


sometimes long distance.

Love is….


waiting out the storm.

Love is…


Breakfast together on a summers day.

Love is….


Being patient.

Love is….


family gatherings.

Love is……


solid like a rock.

Love is……..


Heading into the sunset with my yellow Bicycle.

Happy valentines day to all you lovers out there .