(Did I mention that i’m mad about painting Hens)

Hurrah! its Sunday and furthermore its a Sunday that I’m not working on.

I am up like a lark and have made my cappuccino and am settling down to sip and write and also finish (yet another ) hen painting. Later I will have Sunday cake and coffee with my two beautiful daughters.

And Hurrah too for my blackout curtain, because of it, I slept solidly for eight hours.

I would advise anyone who has trouble sleeping (and who is not afraid of the dark) to get/ buy/ make a blackout curtain.

Lying in bed and not knowing are your eye’s open or closed is wonderful. I open /close/open /close and suddenly I’m asleep.

Yes, I am boosting my melatonin levels and inducing wonderful sleeps by sleeping in the darkest of dark.

I made my blackout curtain and please!  If I can make one?, anyone can…I can draw and paint. Indeed I am a dab hand at that. But when it comes to measuring and making, I break out into a sweat .

Oh it may sound like a simple thing to do.

First you take a measuring tape….

Well, for starters I don’t own one of these, so instead I unravel an old jumper that had begun to unravel itself from the boredom of not being worn.

Then I cut and bring my string to the window…too short !

I cut a longer piece this time..

Standing on a wobbly chair (no I don’t have a ladder either) I reach up and estimate.

Estimating is a great passion of mine..I estimate lots of things bank balance and my weight would be prime examples. Its all a matter of adding on a few inches/ pounds/ euro’s or subtracting them.

I find it great as I can get a general optimistic idea of what it is I need to measure.  When you estimate you can never be wrong…After all its just an estimation.

Now to the fabric store…This is where the yellow bike comes in.

We cycle off enthusiastically, only to return minutes later. (I have forgotten to put the piece of string in my bag).

But finally we are in Home-focus in Dunlaoire. I love this shop it makes me want to be able to ‘make and do’…

I examine fabric for cushions, for table cloths.I run my fingers through beautiful buckets of beads, I examine exotic buttons , I drool over vintage lace. But in reality like a lot of things in my life I just wouldn’t have the time.

I’ll pause here to give you a list of what I try to find time for…

  • painting and drawing
  • writing(about everything)
  • cycling (mostly the yellow but sometimes the purple bike)
  • reading
  • cinema
  • family and grandchildren
  • friends
  • camping
  • taking photo’s
  • thinking (a lot)
  • music
  • looking
  • pondering
  • mulling

Not in any order of preference and I didn’t add the most Time consuming of all….Work!!!! because on my precious day off I don’t want to even contemplate it.

I’m disappointed!   I thought blackout curtain material would be…well black and I picked up a roll of the darkest black with tiny pink roses strew here and there…very pretty.

The sales woman had a bit of a job persuading me that light would come through this type of material. and that a blackout curtain was actually made of THIS and she pulled out a roll of horrible oil clothy white stuff.

‘Look ‘ she said exasperatedly holding first my choice and then the white ugly stuff up to the light .

I saw what she meant but was stubbornly holding out in the hope of what? i don’t know….that she was a magician maybe?

In the end(more because a queue was beginning to form than I was convinced) I agreed and pulling out my piece of string, she kept a straight face as she measured and cut.

Its amazing what has been invented these days to help the struggling ‘maker and doer’ so I also purchased a rod with an internal spring to hold the curtain up…I had planned on cutting a broom handle probably using a kitchen knife because needless to say I don’t own a saw.

I will divert here( in case you think i am some sort of helpless female) to say I am well able to.. plant tree’s, dig gardens, mend bicycle puncture’s, pick out horses hooves and have even built dry stone walls, I can light a fire , forage and cook in the wild…I am not afraid of the dark.

I just find the measuring of making and sowing perplexing.

I am convinced I have dyslexia of maths (if such a thing exists).

Back home I lay out the ugly white stuff and the scissors(bought) and the needle and thread(also bought) on my bed .

I measure (estimate ) and cut( not wide enough).

I won’t bore you with the fact that not only did I have to sow the ugly stuff to the pole but I also had to sow back on the piece that I cut off ..


(Please take note of the lovely curtain i also made ….from a scarf one of my daughter’s bought me (sorry daughter dear) and a piece of muslin…behind lies the ugly white stuff…i think you can just about see where i had to resow )

But It work’s. I take it down during the day (its so ugly) and the fact that I have to stand on my wobbly chair every night to stick it back up again doesn’t bother me. I sleep like a log.


( Here is a mandala I painted for my eldest daughters birthday. I am considering painting one on the ugly white stuff)