Oh pedal me slowly on a summers day

along a well worn path.

where the flattened sand leads to the waters edge,

and the colored shells scatter the strand.

No other footprints are here but mine.

No other eyes to gaze upon,

the sea, the sky, the bobbing boat.

and look! my toes!

Now freed from winter shoes.

dip and skim the waters edge .

as I pedal on.

summer 2013 346


Oh pedal me now preferably

Where the wild dog roses dance with the meadow sweet

and the willow herb bows low and waits

to greet, the singing walls

where imprints of ancient hands still stain

the lichen covered stones.

These walls, they twist and turn

and lead me merrily astray

as I pedal on.



Oh pedal me faster now,

along the turf softened boreens

and see on far off bogs under the mountains,

wisps of tea leaved smoke.

And here and there a rusty twist of metal

where once a barrow shed its load

and the turf long taken , is now forgotten.

for death is slow here between bog holes and bog cotton.

summer 2013 252


oh pedal me swiftly now towards the lakes,

Lough Fada! where its hard to tell sky from water.

Where islands of dropped clouds float innocently

but who knows what lies under.

for legends tell of a lurking monster…..

summer 2013 229


Oh pedal me home more slowly now,

for the day is ending, and as the sun drops into the ocean,

my heart is singing .

Oh Pedal me easy now.