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(A yellow door indicates a house with a sunny disposition, a red door a symbol of a safe haven)

Besides bicycles( and mountains, skies, tree’s, rivers and the sea) I adore doors.

I adore door’s the way my friends adore bag’s.

While they are drooling over the latest Chanel or Marc Jacob’s in the shop window, I am drooling over the shop door. especially if its the old fashioned type. but alas when I tug their coat sleeve’s to draw attention to its marvellous lines or well chosen colour, the best I can hope for is a cursory glance.(mostly they just shake off my hand impatiently).

dublin oct 2013 041

(the beautiful traditional door and pub front just off Grafton street, home to Brown Thomas’s ,the main culprit of ‘bag’s in windows’ dangling)

Where does this obsession come from I have often wondered. The need to constantly carry my camera with me for fear I might spot an interesting door, is a bit ridiculous when I can sketch quite well and could always capture it on a old scrap of paper (As Patrick Kavanagh used to do when he was out thinning turnips and a poemly thought would occur to him).

Once I fell over a door lying in the long grass and thought I might drag it back to my rented apartment and use it to adorn a wall, but it was too heavy, so I propped it back into the door jam of the old derelict cottage and admired it for a while (and yes you have guessed correctly ) took a photo of it


Initially I thought maybe this obsession came from not owning a house, a sort of need  within me. After all a door does signify shelter and warmth and security.


(though this door in Lisbon is worn and dilapidated it has not lost its homely appeal)

But then I remind myself that it can also symbolize the opposite , A door can mean the locking in of oneself too. A sort of prison with no escape.


But maybe it is not so Freudian , maybe it’s just as it is. Simply the love of a beautiful door and the recognition of the wonderful craftsmanship that went into making it.


(so in love was I with the colour and make of this door that I was swooning to one side)

And then of course there is the whole concern of colour.


(Ahhh! The epitome of a wonderful door, I could not find one fault with it. even the electricity line cannot take from its beauty)

Whether its a traditional choice or feng shui. Coordination with other factor’s or just personal preference . The significance of the colour may be well thought out and mulled over for many weeks. or just a instantaneous ‘on the spot’ decision.

Being of a curious nature I started looking into the traditions of door colour’s.


According to feng sui. A north facing door should be blue, black or white.


A south facing door should be red ,pink or purple.


A west facing door should be Yellow, white or gold.

dublin oct 2013 044

and an east facing door, green, blue or turquoise.


Then some traditions would say a red door is to ward off evil or is a symbol of a safe haven. Behind a blue door is a calm secure relaxing refuge. A black door is a symbol of strength power and authority. A yellow door , a house of sunny disposition. A turquoise door , a pint of cool Guinness on a sunny day(just made that one up)


But I say I don’t mind what colour the door is as long as its pleasing to the eye, made of timber and if painted then painted with love.

When George Bernard Shaw was asked what painting he would save if there was a fire in the national gallery of art he replied ” The one nearest the door of course”.

Mortello tower dunlaoire 007

(maybe some kind person would put a beautiful door back into the old Dunlaoire baths)