steph and bike dunlaoire 010

Here she is ,on our way to the bank, so shiny and new, I could hardly bear to let her out of my sight.

My first public separation (so to speak) from the yellow bike was extremely traumatic,

It was on a Friday, I had to go to the bank, for what I don’t know but probably to pay back some of the money I had borrowed to buy the bicycle in the first place.

I removed my new lock from the basket and locked her to a railing as near to the bank door as possible.

Inside was a long queue, Friday lunch time was not a good time to be in a hurry and we shuffled forward slowly ,and then came to a stop.

I hopped nervously from foot to foot..I just KNEW what was happening outside…someone had a large saw and was sawing through my bike lock…I could bear it no longer, I turned to the two young lads behind me

‘Please’ I begged ‘could you hold my place ? ‘just while I check on my bicycle?

The tattoo on the smaller lads neck bobbed up and down as he laughed ‘That yella bike out side Missus’?   who’d be bothered stealing that ‘aul thing’?. Bet it doesn’t even have gears’ !..

‘Yes it does’ I replied crossly,’It has three’…

‘yeah right…like…hard ,harder and hardest’? they clutched their sides laughing at their own joke.

I think that was the moment it occurred to me that maybe not everyone saw the yellow bike through my adoring eye’s.